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The interior of your house is not complete without good curtains to frame the windows, make the room look bright, and complement the colors in your space. That is why shopping for curtains should be a property for every Kenyan. 

Curtains Kenya is the ideal stop and shop for all things curtains. We saw a need to create high-quality curtains for multiple uses, then turned necessity into reality. We are currently a leading producer of curtains and accessories in Nairobi.

Our inspiration lies in our community. We believe everyone should have access to unique, beautiful, high-quality curtains at an affordable price. We guarantee you will get this and more from our establishment.

Striving For Partnership

We at curtains Kenya are not just looking to make a quick sale. We instead want to give you an outstanding customer experience featuring good curtains and excellent service. 

Every transaction is an opportunity to form a long-lasting partnership with our clients. We want you to think of us when you need more curtains or replacements. We hope to be your number one curtain hub through:

Good communication

We strive to keep all communication lines open so you can reach us at your convenience. We work Monday to Saturdays, plus holidays so you can reach us through our working hours. You can call, text, or email your inquiries, and we will get back to you. And we're on social media too!

High-quality products

We hope to retain your business by providing you with high-quality products. Expect excellent craftsmanship thanks to our trained and skilled tailors. Furthermore, we partner with the best textile producers for a pick at the best fabrics and accessories. Every finish is beautiful and guaranteed to last. 

Support services

Need a little help putting up your curtains? Don't worry; we offer support services too. You do not have to struggle with high windows and inconvenient locations. We can help you get your curtains and linings in place. 

Fast delivery

We don't want your house to look incomplete. That is why we make haste in delivering your curtains. After your order, we will give you an exact delivery schedule, and you will receive your curtains in good time. 

Membership discounts

And finally, we invite you to create an account with us. It will facilitate quick orders, store shipping information, and give you targeted suggestions. More than that, you will be eligible for membership discounts regularly. 

Curtains For All Uses

  • Living rooms. We provide high-quality curtains that match your living rooms, perfectly draping the windows. They are thick for privacy and come with a nice lining to let the sunshine in. 
  • Home theater rooms. Don't you hate it when the sunlight glares onto the screen while watching a movie? We certainly do! That is why we will provide you with adequate-thick curtains for your home theatre rooms.
  • Bedrooms. The bedroom demands privacy and comfort. You can count on us to deliver curtains that play to this tune. Your room will look stylish and concealed from the outside world. 
  • Kitchens. The kitchen deserves bright and beautiful curtains that bring life into the room, stimulating creativity. This is what you get when you consult with us for kitchen curtains. We will point you in the right direction.
  • Offices. Do your offices need appropriate and beautiful curtains that do not take away professionalism? We have got you covered with solid colors that stimulate productivity and make a statement. 
  • Study rooms. We will provide you with durable and long-lasting curtains ideal for promoting creativity and productivity. These study room curtains come in multiple colors and patterns. 
  • Changing rooms. And finally, if you have a retail business for clothing, we can provide you with heavy and beautiful curtains for your changing rooms. Your customers will feel confident and comfortable using your fitting rooms. 

We Solve All Your Curtain-Related Problems

  • Fading. Out curtains are high quality that does not fade even with sun exposure. Expect years of use without losing the luster and vibrancy you first fell in love with. They will make your room shine.
  • Dust. Dust is inevitable, but we use fabrics that make it easier to clean the dust off your curtain. The fabric also ensures that the dust is not embedded between the fibers. This way, you can dust the curtains to keep them clean. 
  • Available colors. We have various colors and patterns to best match your theme and space colors. Rest assured that you will get the best colors for your space.
  • Wear and tear. Our fabrics can last years without needing repair. They are thick, well-stiched, and resistant to stretching. 
  • Rails and hooks. And finally, we have ideal curtains for rails and hooks.

We Are The Home Of Affordable Curtains

Curtains Kenya is the best palace to get stylish and affordable curtains. Partner with our team today and revamp your space!